The wonders of under water storytelling by Julie Gautier will take your breath away.


Zazie - Nos âmes sont
Ocean Gravity
Free Fall - Julie Gautier
Empreinte - Julie Gautier
AMA - Julie Gautier
One Breath Around The World
Private video
Dancing Through the Waters | Julie Gautier
NARCOSE, by Julie Gautier with Guillaume Néry
Naughty Boy ft  Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin   Runnin'

By bringing a fascinating and innovating approach to filming under water, Julie has single handedly revamped and reshaped underwater storytelling. Not only is she in apnea when she is behind the camera filming, but here are no special effects. Just pure creativity in camera: camera angles, perspective and lighting all make up Julie’s unique approach to delivering deep, thought provoking and imaginative perspective to the water world. Julie’s vision is to enchant us by capturing the minutiae of life so that we take care of the world we live in.

Julie walking on the sand underwaterjulie filming a whale sharkjulie walking on a cable underwaterjulie on an ancient rock formationjulie in a cenotejulie in the mother womb underwaterJulie feeding fishes underwaterjulie gautier artistic underwater
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“Touch the heart as when we love something we want to naturally look after it”
She is committed to creating unforgettable awe inspiring artwork to invite people today and for generations to come into taking action for a better world. Underwater Cinematographer, Julie also choreographs and danses under water in her films and for others.

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